Saturday, July 10, 2010

Say Hello to New eBay App and Buy Buy

Apps may make life easier but they are also a good way of parting a fool and his money. While we can greet the new eBay app for the Android with all the excitment implied in an online auction, it also means that we can have even more ways to buy stuff at times when we could be relaxing - on the train, in the doctors waiting hall etc.
The app is now available in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada on versions 1.6 of the Android or above. That means residents of those countries can follow their bidding wars wherever they go, with no need to spend long days indoors in order to secure a purchase.
Steve Yankovich, Vice President of mobile commmunications at eBay, said: "The popularity of eBay's mobile shopping applications is quickly spreading across the world.
"Over 50% of eBay's mobile merchandise comes from outside of the United States of America. Therefore we are taking advantage of the unique features of the Android mobile platform. The Android app uses Android voice search capabilities to make finding things easier."
However if you are looking to sell goods on eBay, the app which allows you to do so is only available on the iPhone.

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