Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Android EAS support for Hotmail

Microsoft has now released Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support for Hotmail. It will allow calendar and email features to be viewed from Hotmail on smartphones. Therefore you can make changes to your Hotmail account on the web or via your mobile device.

The roll-out is effective immediately instead of taking place gradually but it will not come to Android mobile users straight away.

Instead you can only get support if you have a support iPhone, Windows Phone 7 or various other Apple, Nokia or Windows phones.

A Microsoft statement said: "The Hotmail team will add Android mobile to list of supported devices in the coming months after testing is completed but Android 2.1 is not currently supported due to known issues."

Although Microsoft is not officially supporting Android 2.1 it is possible to sync Android 2.2 from Hotmail via the Touchdown application or the default application.

Some users have also had success in supporting Android with Hotmail ActiveSync.


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