Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Google plans are music to the ears of Android users

Industry insiders expect Google to venture into the area of music downloads, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal. The competition between Google and Apple is fierce, not least in the smartphone market where Google's Android OS is fast making ground on the popular Apple iPhone. But Apple executives will get chills when they hear about this new rumour. Up to now Apple has pretty much monopolised the music side of things with its iTunes software for iPod, which is the leading digital music seller in the USA.
The Google music service will be tied to its search engine and available on the Android phone, with a subscription service possibly starting in 2011. By using the search engine music store, Android users will be able to stream music onto their smartphones directly from the cloud.
Google has been exploring branching out into music for a while now and the search engine has partnered with online radio station Pandora among others.
Although Google's plans are at a nascent stage and they have not made any connections with music labels, many music labels in America would like to see a challenge to Apple's dominant market position.

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