Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Motorola ups Android output

The phone company Motorola has announced that it will launch 20 more Android smartphones in the UK before the end of 2010.
Tom Satchwell, Director of Marketing for Mobile Devices for Motorola, said that this was the minimum and even left the door open for more handsets to be released.
However time is short and Motorola will clearly have to move quickly on this one and maintain the success of its US Android campaign.
It is thought though that the FLIPOUT and the XT720 handsets will be among the new releases though there have been rumours of new models such as the Bei Hai and the XTREME.
The Android is becoming ever more popular and there is now even new movement activated software being released for the device.
The Eyesight Mobile Technologies software will work in conjunction with the smartphone. The inbuilt camera will lick up any gestures such as a moving hand and the these gestures can be used to do execute various functions including playing games, moving between the menus and activating music, as well as silencing a ring tone.

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