Monday, June 21, 2010

IBM serves up Wimbledon app for Android smartphone

Football fans may not even have noticed but it is that time of year again; strawberries and champagne while watching the cream of tennis players battle it out at Wimbledon.
Tennis aficionados can often be seen feverishly checking their smartphones between points and with that in mind IBM has released its new Seer Wimbledon app.
This nifty app allows you to check out everything that is going on around SW19. You can see how is playing who and where, and work out where the nearest restaurants, toilets and much more are all located.
You can also access a number of radio stations with Wi-Fi technology. The only questions hanging over this app are whether you will have Wi-Fi access and whether your batteries can support it for a whole day (take some spares).
You might also spend so much time playing around with it that you forget to watch the tennis!

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