Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting to know Android part 2

Here we are, back again as promised. Saturday morning was spent having a nice swim and lounging at the pool but now that the afternoon is here it's back to work. Pushing 40 degrees Celsius, far too hot to venture outside anyway.
If, like me, you are stuck inside, you may want to try out these five useful features for Android users.

1) Now the Android smartphone comes with an Adfree ad blocker service. This spares you from annoying adverts and also allows your phone to run that much faster. Lifehacker provides some info on how to install once you purchase Adfree from the Android marketplace. "Just download it from the Market, open it up, and hit the download and install hosts button at the top of the screen."

2) Custom ring tones are another effective way of call screening. If you are hoping to avoid a call from your mother why not assign something from the Monty Python soundtrack? He's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy...

3) There is now a free app for Facebook on Android so if you want to know who's farmed what on your status updates, then Farmville is always at hand.

4) Long press on the home screen to organise all your favorite thigns into folders. Nothing could be simpler.

5) And the same applies to emoticons. With a long press you can open up lots of options. Right now - smiley face - weekend work is over and it's off to have some fun.

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