Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting to know Android

Techradar UK has just churned out an ultra useful list of the 50 best features you didn't know about Android.
Now I'm betting us busy office workers won't have time to read the whole thing, even if the boss is not looking and you're pretending to work on a presentation. So here's an even more handy list of the 5 best features you didn't know about Android. We'll follow it up with another 5 features this weekend, because we really have nothing better to do.

1) Don't let applications drain the life out of your Android. A Power Strip Widget can disconnect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and anything else that runs in the background silently killing your battery. Just go to the widgets category and long press.

2) Decided to take a sickie so that you can read the full list of Android features? Or maybe you are giving an annoying ex the cold shoulder. Either way Android can help you with effective call screening. You just go to the contact options for the person you want to avoid and select ping calls in the menu options.

3) Keyboard shortcuts can save you from rsi (trust me i'm a sufferer). To customise shortcuts for the loveable qwerty keyboard format go to Settings > Applications and Quick Launch. Beware this feature does not work on the HTC Desire handset.

4) The Tasker app is available from the Android marketplace. It hardly costs anything and in return you get total control over your phone. Now that's a price worth paying. Unfortunately there is no 'try before you buy' free version.

5) Personnaly I hate computers/phones putting words on the page for me UNLESS THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY KNOW WHAT I MEAN. You can turn off the Google auto suggest service by going to Settings > Search > Google Search Settings. This should also make your phone run faster.

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